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Recover Apple ID Password
MAC Guide

How to recover Apple ID password?

Recover Apple ID Password There are different conditions through which you can recover a password. If you remember Apple ID but have forgotten your password, then you have two ways for password recovery. First one is that when you have access to your email address (which is linked with your ID) and second one is …

Remove Mac Virus
MAC Guide

How to Remove Mac Virus

Remove Mac Virus As Apple products are growing in demand and undoubtedly they are becoming targets for cyber criminals these days. If you are using Mac for a longer period of time, then there is a possibility that your device many get infected by the growing number of online malware and virus. Your Mac can …

Common Issues Apple Products
MAC Guide

Common Issues of Apple Products

Common Issues Apple Products Unable to work with your wireless network Cant not sync your music , pictures and your data Few files or few extensions would not play Freezes up during your most important task Not detecting USB devices Spotlight results have stopped working Insufficient physical memory error message All-Inclusive Apple Mac Support, Service, …

Show Mac Wi-Fi Password
MAC Guide

How to Show Mac Wi-Fi Password

Show Mac Wi-Fi Password While plenty of wi-fi networks use obvious passwords that aren’t complex, if you’ve ever joined a wi-fi network with a wildly complex wireless router password you know it’s easy to fumble and erroneously enter a character or two. Of course while you’re typing the password it appears as little bullet points …

Managing multiple email inboxes iPhone, iPad
MAC Guide

How to Managing multiple email inboxes on iPhone, iPad

Managing multiple email inboxes iPhone, iPad By default the Mail app will show all mail inboxes with the “All Inboxes” mailbox, and the email app will also automatically check for new emails from all setup accounts and email addresses. You can also choose to show only specific email inboxes or toggle into those individually if …

Easily Mount ISO Mac OS X
MAC Guide

How to Easily Mount an ISO in Mac OS X

Easily Mount ISO Mac OS X If you’re wondering how to mount an ISO image in Mac OS X, it is very easy. For most ISO images you can mount them simply by double-clicking the ISO image file, and it will go through the auto-mounter app within Mac OS X putting it on your desktop. …

Mac OS X Setup Guide
MAC Guide

Mac OS X Setup Guide

Mac OS X Setup Guide This book covers the basics of setting up a development environment on a new MacBook for most major languages. All instructions covered have been tested on Mountain Lion and Mavericks, but they might be more inclined towards Mavericks. Whether you are an experienced programmer or not, this book is intended …

Unique Keyboard Shortcuts App OS X
MAC Guide

How to Make Unique Keyboard Shortcuts for Any App in OS X

Unique Keyboard Shortcuts App OS X Whether you’ve been using a Mac for as long as you can remember or you recently switched over from Windows or Linux, there’s one feature of the operating system that you absolutely need to know: the ability to create custom keyboard (CA/UK) shortcuts for ANY app. In Mac, you …

Applications Using Terminal Mac
MAC Guide

How to Open Applications Using Terminal on Mac

Applications Using Terminal Mac This trick works in all versions of macOS X system software if you are using the bash shell. Step 1: First off, you are supposed to launch the Terminal app by heading to Applications > Utilities. Step 2: Next, at a fresh bash prompt, press the Escape key twice. Step 3: …

Fix iPhone 6s Bluetooth Problems
MAC Guide

How to Fix iPhone 6s Bluetooth Problems

Fix iPhone’s Bluetooth Problems If your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus fails to pair to your Bluetooth device, there are a few fixes that could help you repair the connection. First, reset your Network Settings. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Your device will forget your Bluetooth connections and …

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