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How To Enable Night Mode In Twitter

Enable Night Mode In Twitter

Enable Night Mode In Twitter

Social websites have become a part of our lives. Not checking for updates or notifications on them feels that there is something that we have missed in our daily routine. Even if we don’t manage to take out time during the day we like to browse through our cell phone or laptop before we enter into our slumber mode.

Bright monitors are quite uncomfortable to work with at night. People immediately fumble with their system to lower the brightness of the display. Realising that we love to use our devices during the night Twitter came up with a wonderful idea – Night Mode. The Night Mode is quite welcoming to the eyes and gives are relaxing effect while you comfortably check for Tweets or perform other Twitter related activities. With this mode, others sleeping in the room are not bothered by the light.

Although this mode was introduced on Twitter for both Android and iOS platforms on their mobile app last year they now introduced this feature to the desktop service too. The service is being made available to all the desktop users.

Activating the feature is pretty simple and can be done within seconds. Here is how to enable night mode in Twitter on a computer.

Check whether Night Mode has been enabled on the web version of Twitter. Clicking on your profile icon lets you see whether or not the Night Mode has been listed in the menu.

Login to your Twitter account from your browser and then click on your profile picture to access the Twitter menu
In the menu
Clicking this option will enable Night Mode in Twitter on your desktop.
You will now see Twitter with a different colour scheme

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