You Are Helping Hackers Steal Your Online Data – Alert

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We know hackers are all around us, and that’s why we are extra paranoid about our online accounts and passwords. In fact, in the current web environment, hacking is not a direct job targeting your Gmail or your Facebook account. It is a controlled chain reaction involving all your linked accounts. From one service the hacker gets important security information about another; then he ‘hacks’ that account, and so on.

We however think that big companies and tech geeks are immune to hacking, don’t we? But is it really the case?

No one is immune to hacking. It can happen to anybody, and when it does, there is no point regretting it. You really have to know what sort of security you have on all your web services, and how you can better manage them.

Have a strong password. The stronger your password, the harder it is to guess. Use special characters like symbols and capital letters when creating your password. Also, don’t use “common” passwords, like your birthday or your child’s name.

Don’t reveal your location. You can use a fake location or make one up from another city and state. You may even be able to leave this information blank. Be cautious and never use a city and state where you live.

Check shortened links. A shortened link is popular on sites like Twitter where character length matters. Some shortened link sites include,, and TinyURL.

Here, we will see some obvious things you can do to make yourself immune to hacking.

Facebook Profiles

As the largest social network, Facebook profile is the first thing you need to secure. Go, check it out from the outside. Log out of your Facebook then look your account up, from an outsider’s point of view.

If your Facebook profile shows too much information, you will likely victimize yourself. Check out this particular user’s public Facebook profile, specifically doctored for this article (that means it’s not real. I have only masked the email address, as we need an actual email address to do this. ).

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