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How to Install Printer in Windows 10

Install Printer Windows 10

Install Printer Windows 10

Install Printer Windows 10 operating system has always been an easy task, and Windows 10 is not different. If your printer’s manufacturer is offering driver for Windows 10.

Like its predecessors, Windows 10 also supports different types of printers. You can add local printer, shared printer, add a printer using TCP/IP address, add a Bluetooth, wireless network printer with manual settings.

Installing a printer in Windows 10

In this guide, we will see how to add a printer to Windows 10 PC.

Step 1: Connect your printer to Windows 10 PC and make sure that it’s turned on. If it’s a wireless printer, turn it on and choose one of the connections methods available. If auto wireless connect is available, choose that method.

Step 2: Download the latest version of driver software for your printer, and install the same on your PC.

Step 3: Open Settings app by either clicking Settings icon in the left-pane of the Start menu as shown in the picture below or simultaneously press Windows logo and I keys.

Step 4: On the home screen of Settings app, click on Devices icon.
Step 5: Click Printers & scanners. If you have already installed the right version of the driver for the printer and performed a reboot, you should see your printer name under Printers & scanners section.

If the printer is appearing, click on it and then click Set as default button to set the printer as your default printer.

If it’s not appearing, follow the directions in the following steps.

Step 6: Click Add a printer or scanner option. Windows will start searching for the connected printer. If Windows 10 recognizes your printer, you can click on it.

If the standard method is not working for you and if the printer is not working after setting up, please use the official printer troubleshooter for Windows 10 to fix printer issues.

How to Connect Wireless Printer

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