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How to install TeamViewer 11 in Windows 7, 8, and 10

Install TeamViewer 11 Windows

Install TeamViewer 11 Windows

Do friends and family ask you to sort out problems on their machines, or do you need access to colleagues’ computers? Do you wish you could do it from the comfort of your own home or office without having to visit them? Then you need a program that allows you to operate their machine remotely. There are several programs available to do this, but for this guide, TeamViewer 11 will be used.

Download and installation

Go to the TeamViewer web page and press the Download TeamViewer button and follow the instructions to save the setup file, Teamview_setup_en.exe. (The name may be different in different parts of the world.)

Navigate to the location where you downloaded the file then double click the executable file to run the installation. The following page will open.

Under How do you want to proceed?, select Installation to access this computer remotely (unattended), and under How do you want to use TeamViewer? select the option that suits you. (For the purposes of this guide, Personal / Non-commercial use is selected.) Then press Accept – finish.

On the next screen, press Yes and the installation will begin. You will then be asked to set up unattended access in the image below. This step is optional. but is useful should you need to access your computer remotely, so the steps will be shown.

Press Next, then in the following image accept or change the default name and enter your choice of password. Remember to choose a strong password.

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