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How to Fix iPhone Overheating Issues

iPhone Overheating Issues

iPhone Overheating Issues

Overheating is sometimes misunderstood. It is a problem when it happens without reason. But we tend to blame our phones for getting heated when we are performing battery and CPU intensive tasks for a long period of time too. If your phone is heating up because you are using it to play heavy games or watch videos for a long time, then it is but normal of your phone to do so.

An iPhone is designed to work properly in areas where the temperature ranges between 0 degree and 35 degrees. When your iPhone is an area where the temperature goes up or below the preferred range in which the phone can operate, then you are likely to see a warning or you may experience certain problems like overheating.

When the phone overheats you will notice a warning message on the screen that says that the phone needs to cool down so that you can resume using the phone.

Why is your iPhone heating up?

There are quite a few things that can cause the problem of overheating in your phone.

Playing CPU and battery intensive games for long periods of time
Watching videos or shooting videos on the iPhone for a very long time
A misbehaving app that is making the CPU work harder than it should
High temperatures in the area that you are in

What can happen when my iPhone gets overheated?

Phones can respond in different ways when they get overheated. Some iPhones may display a warning message while others may simply shut down. One thing that remains constant is that the phone will be hot to touch. The iPhone usually restricts certain features in order to help the phone cool down so that you can use it as usual once again.

Your device may not charge
The display will go dim or it may turn black
The cellular radios will not function to their full strength, weakening the signals
You will not be able to use the camera flash

These things limit your usage of the phone so that the phone can return to a normal temperature.

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