Factory Reset Netgear ac1200 EX6200
Network Support

How to Factory Reset Netgear ac1200 EX6200

Factory Reset Netgear ac1200 EX6200 To perform a factory reset of your Netgear AC1200 EX6200: 1. Find the Restore/Reset button on your router(usually located in a pinhole on the back of the router). 2. Use a paperclip or ballpoint pen tip to press and hold the button until the Power light starts to blink. It …

Wireless Routers Extend Range
Network Support

How to use two wireless routers to extend range

Wireless Routers Extend Range Wireless Routers Extend Range Using two routers is often the best solution to poor wireless, giving you a seamless and quick way to extend Wi-Fi range. If you’ve gone down the HomePlug wireless access point route, the instructions here are similar, but check your product’s manual for full instructions and how …

Configuration Problem Belkin Wireless Extender Setup
Network Support

How to Configuration Problem in Belkin Wireless Extender Setup

Configuration Problem Belkin Wireless Extender Setup Our experts can fix Belkin Extender Setup issues in a jiffy. Our team can help you connect to your intranet and internet. Our team has been trained to identify and fix Belkin Router Setup issues. We also help you set them up in the most secured manner so that …

Edge Browser windows 10

Tips For Edge Browser windows 10

Edge Browser windows 10 Edge Browser Windows 10 has brought a lot of new features to Microsoft’s OS, including its Edge Browser, which officially replaces Internet Explorer. If you’ve used the new browser, you know that it’s fast — often faster than Chrome or Firefox — and full of new features such as an integrated …

Applications Using Terminal Mac
MAC Guide

How to Open Applications Using Terminal on Mac

Applications Using Terminal Mac This trick works in all versions of macOS X system software if you are using the bash shell. Step 1: First off, you are supposed to launch the Terminal app by heading to Applications > Utilities. Step 2: Next, at a fresh bash prompt, press the Escape key twice. Step 3: …

Windows 10 Software Update

How to Windows 10 Software Update

Windows 10 Software Update Having proper device drivers for your devices is very important for proper functioning of a computer system as well as the attached hardware devices. Drivers are a key component of a computer system, but we often overlook them which may create various performance issues in the long run. Keeping drivers updated …

Connect Wireless Printer
Printer Support

How to Connect Wireless Printer

Connect Wireless Printer Connecting a wired printer is easy. Pick the right cable, and then plug one end into the printer and the other into a computer or network. Connecting a wireless printer, on the other hand, is … well … not as easy. Even when everything goes smoothly, as it usually does, it’s still …

Roku Box Streaming Stick Setup Guide
Network Support

Roku Box or Streaming Stick Setup Guide

Roku Box Streaming Stick Setup Guide Before you can watch anything on your Roku device, you’ll need to set it up. The process is both quick and intuitive, but if you run into any snags, here’s a start-to-finish guide on how to do it. 1. Set up a Roku account. While the setup process will …

Netgear WN3000RPV1 Extender Setup
Network Support

How to Setup Netgear WN3000RPV1 Extender

Netgear WN3000RPV1 Extender Setup Netgear wifi range extender Setup (WN3000RP) boosts your WiFi signal and extends the range of your wireless network to areas of your home, office and on your desire place that previously had little or no signal. Also wirelessly connects any wired Ethernet device to the Internet. Connect with NETGEAR Genie Setup …

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