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NETGEAR WN3000RP Setup Step By Step Guide

NETGEAR WN3000RP Setup Method 1: Connect using the WPS button In the figure above take a close look at identify the WPS button highlighted. Now since you have identified where the WPS button is on the extender the next step is to identify the WPS button on your router. This button is usually indicated by …

Configuration NETGEAR Wireless Router
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How To Configuration NETGEAR Wireless Router

Configuration NETGEAR Wireless Router This guide assumes that the reader has a NETGEAR branded wireless router and knows it’s address on the network. For help identifying your router, please refer to this introduction article. If you have forgotten the administrative password for your device, it may be necessary to perform a factory reset as outlined …

detect External Drives
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How to detect External Drives

detect External Drives In safe mode go to device manger.. Go to strat >> run >> type in devmgmt.msc On the devise manger window click on CD DVD this is live tech pc support live tech support this is live PC support If you always use an external hard drive to store your valuable and …

Solve common printer problems
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How to Solve common printer problems

Solve common printer problems 1) Paper jams A printer paper jam is a general problem that we have often see while using our printers. Few reasons of paper jams are dust, poor quality, worn out or incorrect paper types. Using proper papers, removing dust & dirt can fix problems related to paper jams. If the …

activate Iphone 7
MAC Guide

How to activate Iphone 7

activate Iphone 7 I just bought a new Iphone but i am having a problem in activating it. It keeps on saying activation server unavailable. Kindly suggest me some solution or quick fixes to solve this problem Switch to WiFi from your cellular network Go to settings Switch to wifi from your cellular connection. Restart …

Troubleshoot WiFi Printers
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How to Troubleshoot WiFi Printers

Troubleshoot WiFi Printers I recently bought a wireless printer and I have to say that it’s really nice being able to print from my laptop while sitting outside on the front porch. No cables, no being forced to keep my computer in once place, etc. It’s super convenient. That is if your wireless printer works …

NETGEAR WiFi Extender manually
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How to Connect NETGEAR WiFi Extender manually

Connect NETGEAR WiFi Extender manually If you have a NETGEAR WiFi Extender Setup with an Ethernet port (EX6100, for example): Use a computer to connect to NETGEAR WiFi Extender via Ethernet cable. Login to the web user interface of your NETGEAR WiFi Extender Setup using You will be prompted to enter a username and …

Configure Netgear Extender Setup
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How to Configure a Netgear Extender

Configure Netgear Extender Setup Configure Netgear Extender Setup wizard enables you to configure your Netgear extender setup through the Web browser of a device that’s connected to your current Wi-Fi network. You need to know some details about your Wi-Fi network — such as the network’s password — to complete the configuration. Since the extender …

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My Wifi Ext provides technical support for all types of Netgear Routers and extender setup. We have a team of experts who can resolve your issues for Netgear routers within no time. Connectivity problems is one of the most common issues people face in their daily life. This can be due to either: Wireless setting …

Reset iPhone iPad
MAC Guide

How to reset an iPhone or iPad if you’ve got it at hand

Reset iPhone iPad If you’ve ever watched the IT Crowd, you’ll be well versed in the mantra “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”, which is the stock response used by Denholm Industries’ IT department to solve all computer-related ills. In real life… well, strangely enough it’s often the way to fix problems …

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