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What Do All Those Windows Processes in Task Manager Do?

Processes Windows Task Manager Cleanup

Processes Windows Task Manager Cleanup

Processes Windows Task Manager Cleanup
If you’re a hands-on Windows user, you’ve probably been to Task Manager,to take a look at what exactly happens behind the scenes. You’ve probably looked under the Details and Processes tabs and seen a number of running processes with mystifying names, taking up your computer’s resources. What do these processes actually do, and should you shut them down?

In early versions of Windows, every internal process was launched by a .exe executable file. Over time, though, Microsoft changed this practice. Internal Windows services were moved to a different kind of executable called the Dynamic Link Library file or .dll file. The idea was to break tasks down to smaller sections, to write .dll executable files for them, and to share them across programs. This made programming easier, because it allowed programs to be built simply by using existing building blocks. Dll files cannot be directly launched the way .exe files are, though. They need svchost.exe programs to launch.

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