How to Protect your Privacy Windows 10

Protect your Privacy Windows 10

Protect your Privacy Windows 10

When you first get a new Windows computer (or set up an old one), you might be focused on downloading your favorite apps and transferring your files. This is also a good time to configure your machine to protect your privacy.
We all need to protect our private data. Whether you’re carrying sensitive work files, sensitive pictures, or just your passwords, there’s certain information you don’t want other people to have. When you’re first setting up a computer, you’re establishing the habits you’re going to use the entire time you have that machine. Rather than wait to care about your privacy later, it’s better to get started on the right foot.

First, a disclaimer: with Windows 10 coming out at the end of the month, we decided it’s best to write this guide as it pertains to Windows 10. Many of these settings, where applicable, still exist in Windows 8, but they may be in a different location or have slightly different names. In fact, even in the newest versions, settings are often duplicated in multiple places within the OS, but we’ll cover it the best we can.

It’s also worth mentioning that Windows still allows you to install any app you want. Once they’re installed, those apps can do pretty much anything. Locking down your privacy in Windows won’t do much if you install other apps that can still read your data.

Wipe the machine and reinstall Windows from scratch: This is one of the surest ways to make sure that no extra junk apps are running on your system. If you built your own machine, you’re probably okay already. If you’re running a store-bought machine, be sure to keep track of the license key before installing, even if you’re installing Windows 10.

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