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How To Remove Books From A Kindle

Remove Books From Kindle

Remove Books From Kindle

Kindles serve as a great way to store multiple books that you like to read in one place. Is your Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Oasis getting filled up with the stuff that you needed only once? Do you need to clear some room in your Kindle to include more intriguing books? Even though being a great storage space for inspirational and favorite books, there is not ample storage space in the Kindle to store all of your desired books. As such, sometimes you need to remove books from a Kindle to allow more space for the new ones. We are going to show you how to remove books from a Kindle.

Step 1:

Navigate the proper book that you wish to archive that is in question. If you wish to delete a recent book, advance to the Home Screen. Otherwise, you can go to the search box or Library to search for the book title(s) you wish to delete.

Step 2:

Now, hold & press the particular name of the book for some seconds unless a box with a list of options comes up. It must be noted that this activity works only for the Kindle devices that have touchscreen-enabled features. In case you have a device with direction controls, for the models before Kindle Paperwhite, you can press the left direction button to highlight the title of the book to bring the list of options.

Step 3:

Within the list of options, you will come across an option “Remove from Device”. You can select this option and then, confirm your decision to delete the book. You can download the deleted book again by entering your login credentials.

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