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Roku wifi not working – Roku Setup step by step

Facing wifi Problems Roku Devices

Facing wifi Problems Roku Devices

Roku “Can’t connect” to my wireless network.

Below are some scenarios you may see when trying to connect Roku to your wireless network. Try the provided suggestions to help resolve them.

Roku Not Connected With WiFi Out of Range

If your Roku 3 player is not connecting to WiFi, it is possible that the WiFi signal from the router is out of range. In order to strengthen the signal, move the router and Roku 3 so that there are fewer objects and walls between them. You should also avoid putting the router in the basement, near a window, or near other electronics that may emit interference. Do not place the Roku 3 device or the router in enclosed areas that can block the signal. You could also re-orient the router’s antennas towards the device. For the most reliable connection, you may connect the Roku 3 directly to the router via an Ethernet cable.

Facing wifi  Problems Roku Devices

System Needs to be Rebooted

It may be necessary to reboot both the router and the Roku 3 player. Unplug both devices and wait 5 seconds before plugging them back in. Retry wireless connection setup.

Wrong IP Address

If your device is unable to connect to your network, check your IP settings for your wireless connection. Under Settings, go to WiFi and select your network settings. If the method to obtain the IP address is set to “manual”, change this to “automatic”.

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