How to Take a Screenshot in Windows 10 with Xbox Game DVR

Screenshot Windows 10 Xbox Game DVR

Screenshot Windows 10 Xbox Game DVR

Screenshot Windows 10 Xbox Game DVR, If you are a PC gamer, you’ll love the Game DVR feature for sharing your most awesome gaming moments with friends via the Xbox app. Even if you aren’t a gamer, you can make use of the Game DVR tool and take screenshots of important moments during your computing experience.

Take Screenshots with Windows 10 Game DVR

The first thing you will want to do is launch the Xbox app. Then go to Settings > Game DVR and make sure that “Record game clips and screenshots using Game DVR” is turned on. Also, verify which keyboard shortcut is set for taking a shot. It should be Windows Key + Alt + PrtScn by default but you can make it something else that works best for you.

Scroll down a bit further and you can see the folder where your screen captures are kept in the Saving captures section. The images are saved as PNG files stored in the Videos directory in the Captures folder on your C:\ drive by default. However, if you find that space on your drive becomes an issue, check out our article on how to change the Game DVR Captures Folder location.

Once you have everything setup, you’re ready to take a screenshot. While you’re in a program you want to take a shot, hit Windows Key + G to bring up the Game Bar and click or tap “Yes, this is a game” box.

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