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How to Share Your Location Using WhatsApp on iPhone

Share Your Location Using WhatsApp on iPhone

Share Your Location Using WhatsApp on iPhone

While you away from home or you want to invite somebody to your home, it is easy to guide them with your street address and zip/pin code. You can text the street address and let them search in any map app like Google map, Waze or Apple map based on their choice.

To inform your location is not easy while you away from home and staying in an unknown location or a street. Even you may not have a correct address or street name to share with your friends on these kinds of situations. Even though you have location details, that may not be accurate and not enough to guide your friends to you with this inaccurate address.

The offline map concept is good is if you have low data plan or when you use the map in a place where you can’t access the internet through your mobile data or WiFi. Please see the workaround to Get Waze and Google Map Offline to Save Mobile Data.

Share Location from Google Map

Google Map, one of the most famous apps between smartphone users, offering a lot of nice features. When you deal with Google Map to share location, you have to pin the required location as the first step. Once you pin it, you can see a small pop-up at the bottom of the map.

Please select the apps you want to use to message your friend, and once you tap on any of these apps, you can see the location automatically copied to your message window. Now you can send the location to your friend with few more taps on the message app and they can locate you.

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