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How to Troubleshooting Basic iPad

Troubleshooting Basic iPad

Troubleshooting Basic iPad

Having issues and problems with your iPad? Sadly, at one time or another, all of us iFolk run into an error, bug, or just plain Apple-weirdness. And we need to do some iPad troubleshooting NOW.

If this sounds like you or a loved one, fear not! You are most certainly NOT alone. And Apple ToolBox is at the ready, to work through some of your problems and hopefully get everything back to working order. Periodically, our team here runs into trouble with our iDevices and iPads.

Trouble getting connected?

Did you know most problems with getting connected to the Internet can be solved by simply moving closer to your router or simply rebooting the iPad? Unfortunately, this doesn’t solve every problem with getting connected. But the basic troubleshooting step of rebooting the device can be applied to your Internet connection by rebooting the router.

The router is what runs your wireless home network. It is a small box installed by your Internet provider that usually has a lot of lights on it with wires connected in the back.

You can reboot the router by simply turning it off for several seconds and then turning it back on again. This will cause the router to go out and connect to the Internet again, which can solve the problem you are having with your iPad.

Remember, if you reboot the router, everyone in your household will lose their Internet connection, even if they aren’t using a “wireless” connection. (If they are on the desktop computer, they could be connected to the router with a network cable.) So it might be a good idea to warn everyone first!

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