VideoGameQuiz for Windows 10 Mobile tests your gaming expertise

Windows 10 Mobile tests - VideoGameQuiz

Windows 10 Mobile tests – VideoGameQuiz

The free game delivers more than 100 puzzles that span video games from recent history to those from the days when grayscale screens were all the rage. VideoGameQuiz isn’t an overly complicated game to pick up and play, but it is challenging enough to be a head-scratcher at times.

If you think you know video games, VideoGameQuiz is a fun way to prove it.

The primary menu for VideoGameQuiz offers a simple design with options to jump into gameplay, view the game’s options, rate the game in the Windows Store, make in-app purchases (via gaming coins) and view other Windows 10 apps from the developer.

VideoGameQuiz delivers more than 100 trivia challenges that are spread out across progressively unlocked chapters. In a nutshell, the game presents you with a screenshot from a video game, and you must enter the name of the game. You can jump around the various levels within a chapter or take them in order.

For each correctly identified game, you earn coins that can be used to buy “tracks” (hints) that can help point you in the right direction in solving the puzzle. There are three types of tracks available, and they reveal:

The first letter of each word in the answer.
The first and last letter of each word in the answer.
The entire answer.

The more of the answer revealed, the more coins the track costs. If you run out of coins to buy tracks with, there is the option to replenish your account through in-app purchases of coins.

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