Solve Windows 10 update error 80072ee2

Windows 10 update error

How to fix Windows 10 update error 80072ee2

Windows 10 download error 80072ee2 -> Updating windows 7, windows 8 to windows 10 getting windows 10 update error 80072ee2. Windows 10 Update error code 80072ee2 is usually showing failure of windows update server. Here is how to fix windows 10 download error.

Windows 10 download error 80072ee2 message is usually caused by a registry setting for a WSUS server.
You would be getting this error message on your display screen when Windows 10 Update Error Code 80072ee2

For Windows update fix error Call toll free 1-888-554-4332

windows 10 update error 80072ee2

Method for Fix 1 – Windows Update Troubleshooter
Probably the simplest solution for this problem is running the Windows Update Troubleshooter. But I’m not sure how effective it is, so if it doesn’t solve the problem, go and try some other solutions listed below.

Here’s how to run the Windows Update Troubleshooter:

Add the Windows Update websites to a firewall exceptions list.
Windows Firewall ships with this version of Windows and should already include these sites in the exceptions list. If you use a different firewall, refer to the software publisher’s help to see how to add these websites to your firewall exceptions list:


Go to Search, type troubleshoot and open Troubleshooter
Click on Fix problems with Windows Update under System and Security.

Windows 10 update error 80072ee2 Call toll free 1-888-554-4332

Method 2 Download Microsoft FIXit

“Microsoft easy fix” was also known as Microsoft Fix it. Microsoft easy fix solutions can help diagnose and resolve issues for Microsoft products or third-party software that affects Microsoft products.

Download the Microsoft fixit and run it.

Method 3: Windows file missing on your system. To fix issue, you have to install registry cleaner tool on your PC that helps you to recover the missing files and fix system drivers and any kind of corrupt files on your system.

Windows 10 update error 80072ee2 Call toll free 1-888-554-4332

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